Saturday December 16th 2017

Youth Player Enquiries

Enquiries from youth players

Etar receives a large number of enquiries from young players interested in representation services.  The enquiries which we receive are carefully considered and assessed in several stages.  An important aspect is ensuring that all applicable rules and regulations are adhered to and that guidelines relating to youth players are followed properly.

Before finalizing our evaluation a very important part of this process is seeing the player in action.  Very often this is done by watching video material of the player and/or attending his games.

The enquiries which we receive come from all over the world and we may not be able to send scouts in every country.  In such cases our company may not be able to complete the evaluation process unless sufficient video material is made available to us.  As a result video material of the player is of great importance.  There are regions where our company has a well established scouting network, thus making the process easier.

Although Etar makes every effort to provide assistance to all players, a large proportion of the enquiries which we receive may not meet the requirements which Etar sees as important in order to succeed as a professional football player.  In such cases Etar will not be able to offer its services.  Becoming a professional player is a very difficult task and there are no guarantees.  Standards are increasing all the time and football is becoming more and more competitive in every part of the world.

If you are a young player interested in exploring the opportunity of becoming a professional football player, you can contact us by sending the information listed on the right side of this page.

Please send us as much of the following information as possible

1. Your full name.
2. Date of birth.
3. Nationality.
4. Second nationality (if any).
5. Parents’ Nationality.
6. Current club and length of current contract or registration (if any).
7. What languages do you speak.
8. Height.
9. Weight.
10. Marital status.
11. Position.
12. Right or left footed or both (if both please indicate which foot is your preferred foot).
13. List of clubs (or national teams) which you have played for (club name, which division, which years, number of games and goals with each club and in each year).
14. Achievements (include individual and team achievements).
15. Do you have video material (please provide an internet link where we can view it)
16. List of upcoming games where you expect to play (time, date, venue, teams involved, competition details).
17. How did you hear about our company.
18. Any additional information which you think will assist us in assessing you.