Saturday December 16th 2017


Etar represents the interests of football players and clubs worldwide.  Among  our clients are players and clubs from the English Premier League and other leagues in Europe, South America and Asia.  Whether negotiating an employment contract, minimising the risk of a career ending injury or helping our clients to achieve their long-term financial goals, Etar has the necessary expertise and resources to meet the needs of our clients.

Sport offers unique marketing opportunities for companies and their brands.  In order to benefit from these opportunities it is necessary to identify and understand their true value and to realise that value to the maximum.  Etar’s team of experts is dedicated to analysing, developing and managing strategic marketing plans as well as representing parties in contract negotiations.

Intellectual property is an asset, which is often neglected or undervalued by sportspersons, clubs, associations, sponsors and other organisations.  Etar has the resources necessary to provide clients with licensing and merchandising services aimed at maximising intellectual property revenue.

Television is a vital source of revenue for sport organisations.  Broadcasting income accounts for nearly half the revenue of football clubs in the English Premier League.  Without television income the football industry would not have achieved the growth, which we have witnessed in recent years.  This emphasises the importance of good management and marketing of TV and other broadcasting rights.
Etar’s services in this area include consultancy, management and marketing of TV and other media rights of sports entities as well as other related services.